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Bring on the Earring Bling-Its Almost Spring!

 I have been so busy the past two weeks in the studio I haven’t even wanted to crawl out of the rabbit hole to go junk-hunting, and  that’s saying something. I like what the Brits called the whole junk shopping thing, jumble sales.

My lovely old metal case full of trinkets and rescues, ready to get to work!

My worktable ready for V-Day!

There is something so delightful about calling it a jumble sale versus a yard sale or garage sale. From my previous forays out  into the junking world, I have a lovely stash of descontructed “things” in the way of old jewelry and odd bits that spoke to me when I found them.

 I work hard to keep everything organized because there is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have something and not knowing where it is! Believe me, it happens, so I label, label, label EVERYTHING.

Label, label, label to make life easier!

I work to find things to incorporate with newer materials that are either: reclaimed and repurposed, reusable-as in metal, organic  as in glass versus modern plastic–except when I find lucite or bakelite, both heavenly and rare these days. I do love vintage plastic, its fun to spruce it up to go out in the world again.

 There are times when I bring polyclay into the mix to0, because a beautiful bauble can weigh too much to wear around your neck when its really a heavy lump of turquoise or jade. If I can do a beautiful faux bauble it works on three fronts: cost, weight and creating something exciting and original.

Now that I’ve hashed out the philosophical side of making my jewelry pieces, bring on cupid! I adore Valentine’s day, I always have. There is something so girly about the holiday that it just makes me happy. Really, chocolate, flowers and jewelry, what’s not to like? Of course, the guys may have a slightly different view being the ones who have to go out and round up the right stuff for the gal in their lives.

I talked to Jo Gallaugher, owner of Matter Gallery in Olympia about V-day. Matter showcases my work and its such a fun place to visit and shop! (Shameless plug) www.matteroly.com  for more information on the gallery and the wonderful artistes who show there. Who knew artists could make all this amazing art stuff out of Other Stuff? I did, which is pretty obvious, but I want everyone to know what sustainable art looks like.

I  wanted to know what people are asking for in jewelry, specifically earrrings and specifically the guys for Valentine’s Day. The answer: Earrings that are fun, affordable, and not too long and dangly. Some dangle yes, too much dangle, nope.  With that in mind, I set out this week to create earrings that are affordable, not too dangly, and really fun.  These are all available at Matter which sells through the mail too. (yay–and they are putting in an online gallery that will be really fun) or by contacting me at runningrabbitstudio.gmail.com for more information and prices. So for my funky valentine’s I present the following. (click on a picture to make it bigger)

Almost Pearls, repurposed fiber optic pearls paired with lavender Czech crystals

Arms of Love, silver milagros, lucite flowers and glass hearts

Lucky in Love: stack the dice! With red glass hearts

Lock up your heart: vintage tiny brass padlocks and red glass hearts

Key to your heart: glass hearts, chain and tiny pewter padlocks and keys

I love shoes! adorable vintage brass shoe charms and red glass heartsHearts and Pearls: sterling silver Mexican hearts with coin pearls make a pretty pair

Green With Envy: Paillettes of Vintage lucite, simple and pretty

Coralicious: lucite triangles with turquoise for a pop of spring color

Butterflies: brass vintaj butterflies with a shiny little accent, cute with blue jeans I'm thinking

Blue Fish: Sterling Thai silver fish with African trade beads in cobalt

You're a star baby! Even ears can smile with these little red-orange smiling stars and pearls

Princess Pink: pink stone drops with czech crystal and silver accents.