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Rabbit Makes Snow Balls

I saw  some marvelous pretend snowballs on a sample giant fancypants Christmas tree for $7 a pop and fell in love.  I wanted them for the Tree That Ate Cleveland but I faced Two Problems: Tree budget and the fact that they were definitely brand new and directly from China. What to do?

The finished product

It occurred to me that old used up tennis balls were about the right size and the rest I could figure out. I asked all my friends for tennis balls but got strange looks and guffaws for the most part. I called the Valley Athletic Club here in Olympia and explained my peculiar request. I send blessings to them because boy, did they ever come through! I went to pick up what I thought was a bucket of balls and the young lady at the counter asked me if I needed help. I looked at her oddly and followed her around the corner to not one but two, huge black garbage bags full of tennis balls.

Really, I only needed about 40 balls…but our rat terrier, Nellie, thinks she has died and gone to heaven. She jumped into the first open bag and filled her bed with tennis balls.Ballsnell
tennis ball heaven

I need to figure out what to do with about 300 left over tennis balls, but I have successfully configured the first recycled snow ball! If you have old leftover tennis balls this decoration is for you!

I bought a bag of low loft polyfiber fill for about $12.00 which was enough to do all my tennis balls and then a few more.  Next, I spread it out and got out my trusty compass and a piece of light cardboard. I scribed a circle big enough to cover the tennis ball and cut out my pattern. I drew circles on the fill and cut them out. I made cuts in the circles to allow for nice neat flat folding of the fiberfill up over the top of the ball. You could use light string, fishing line or what I used–wire to neatly fasten the covered ball closed. At this point I also put a wire loop for hanging on the ball.

Balls1 (2) 
Wrapped and ready for wire and glitter

I recently cornered the German glitter market and 1/2 pound or irridescent glitter got dumped in a bag at this point. Shake and Bake for snowballs. I used spraymount glue outside to avoid gluing myself and everything I own to the floor of my studio and then carried the goo ball in and dumped it in the glitter bag, closed it up and shook it good.

Glued and Going into the Glitter

Shake, shake, shake yer booty, er…ball

Open the bag and voila! Magic! Glittery and sparkly. I knocked all the excess glitter off and put on a ribbon and a wire hanger-39 to go!

Sparkly AND recycled!