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Running Rabbit gets Schooled

Looking forward to my session with the great guys at Homestead.com, they are the hosts of Runningrabbitstudios.com. I have discovered that I may be too curious about everything and I love doing so many things that I need a department store instead of a boutique!

So today hopefully I can learn more about the underpinnings of web building. Who knew I'd have to turn into a computer genius?

Other things on the horizon: Illustration for the WTO poster, way out of my usual whimsy but here goes…

Dying to get started on my next painting, yellow dog and a yellow cat with a ball between them. Visualizing it and working out the details in my head. Process baby, process.

Want to get downtown and photograph all the tugboats and all the tall ships while the sun is out today. Looking forward to some cool shots.