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I wanna be as far from Rotten Baby as I can go.

The Boys Visit the Dogter, a Story in Pictures

We went to the dogter today. I like riding inna car. Da rotten baby doesn’t know much about cars yet. He taked my seat away on my dog mama’s lap but I got dis squishy seat where rotten baby can’t reach me.

I am all cozy in my dog seat where rotten baby can't reach

You just jealous cause I'm so cute! I'd driving da car with dog mama.

I wait patiently for the dogter to call us

Other doggies are here too! I'm bein' good and I watch dem

Listen to my heart, feel my tummy gurgle, give me pets cause I so good

Dis dog nurse wants to take my temperature, from da other end!

our wunnerful dogter is Dogter Saloom. She is very nice and if we get shots, we gets cookies to distract us, but I'm so wiggly I distracting her!

We waiting patiently for fat Uncle Moosh to get icky medicenes in his ears

eww. Rotten baby getting shots!

getta inna bag, we escaping!

Nice dogter ladies love me more than fat old Moosh cause I so cute and he stinky!

Dogter peepul, hurry up with my medicene. I wanna be as far from Rotten Baby as I can go.

We all done now, I'm tired. Give us cookies and takes us home pleaze.