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Getting around the Artful Rabbit’s blog is easy: choose the drop down categories for a list of what you would like to read about it because I write about it all–or click on the calendar to see what I’ve written recently, archives? Click on the month for a thumbnail view of entries. Hop on in to my artful funny world…..if you see something in my creations you want to buy I use Pay Pal. Just send up a smoke signal or send me an email.

 I am the artist, writer and bon vivant behind Running Rabbit Studios.  My name is Roxanna Groves and  I  work in a studio surrounded by gardens in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My work has been described as whimsical, delightful,colorful and warm, My pieces are in the permanent collection of the City of Olympia, Everett General Hospital, Maison Padgett Winery and in many other places in the Northwest. Matter Gallery in Olympia represents me locally.

I love to cook, eat, read and write about food and drink. I am a crazed gardener and a lot of what I grow goes right to my kitchen. My gardens are all art gardens and in the summer I often have open studio days that include the gardens.

I drive a Mini Cooper convertible and go on adventures at every chance. You would be amazed at how much I can stuff in a Mini… I’m always on the hunt for exquisite junk to add to my jewelry designs, glass and mosaic work and paintings.

I have my own pack of three dogs and a cat and they are my muses and companions during the work day. I have a wonderful husband who survived Traumatic Brain Injury after a motorcycle accident involving a deer a few years ago. Sharing how to cope for families and loved ones is important to me because there is so little support for families out there.

You can contact me through the webpage or via email at runningrabbitstudio@gmail.com

I invite you to come along on my voyage of discovery and I hope you enjoy what you find here. Please contact me at runningrabbitstudio@gmail.com with questions or inquiries about work for sale. I would love to hear from you!

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