Rabbit Likes Spring

Is it possible to take a bad picture of a tiny pink camellia?

I still can’t decide if I love or hate this time of year. I’m in the season of taking up the tools and scraping winter out of the flower beds and beating the weeds into submission before they take over. Its been hard to get into the yard this year because the studio is so seductive and so many projects are sprawled from pillar to post begging for attention.

These look like vertical lilies, so beautiful.

The garden won today and my reward for three back breaking hours of weeding was to discover my gorgeous and delicate early clematis in full flower. It looks like lilies from a lily pond gone vertical, even better, the amethyst flowers look amazing against the red wall in the rabbit garden. The Lenten rose, Helleborus Nigella, is beautiful now with its blackish purple flowers and tiny violets are scrambling out of their pots around its ankles.

Alas, there is more to do still. The fat green noses of the hostas are above the ground now in the front beds. I managed to eliminate all the moss from their beds and clip off last year’s hydrangea heads too. The copper beech always amuses me, it looks dead as a door nail in the corner of the hydrangea bed, all covered with brown crispy leaves. In about three weeks. BOOM! Those leaves will drop overnight and it will be covered with pinkish copper leaves. It takes my breath away in early spring and it gets prettier as the year goes by with its beautiful bronze leaves.

the variegated honeysuckle is all leafted out and looking gorgeous withs its pinky green leaves.

Te green bin is stuffed to the gunnels if a recycle bin can have gunnels, so I’m off the hook until the city comes and hauls away my bits and pieces and then it will be time to dig in again. I finished the day with my camera today, marking the turn of the year to my favorite seasons, spring and summer.

Yellow primroses popping into bloom in the borders

I love these shots, I tried to catch how I feel about spring in the photographs.

Here’s one more of  the clematis and a close shot of the hyacinth. Amazing how flowers become so other worldly up close.

hyacinth, looking amazing and smelling even better

The plants in the greenhouses and their friends are almost ready to come out too. As soon as the last frost goes away the greenhouse gets emptied!

The green house plants are waiting until the last frost is over to make their appearance in the garden.

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