Not exactly a tea party…

Even better than a tea party! I love the classes in the studio.  Today was gray and wet outside but fun inside. The studio is just the right size to be cosy, sometimes you could even call it snug, but with all the fun and laughter it was perfect on a gloomy day.

I am so glad I decided to just slap a coat of poch paint on the floors. One end has carpet for comfort but the work area is safe to spill, splash, drip, drop and generally make a mess.  I have two long tables at the perfect height to work standing or on a stool–and here’s a tip–Goodwill is my lamp purveyor of choice. I watch for those swing arm lamps for two bucks, great deal!

At the far end I have my Inspiration Point, a laptop connection and a printer that uses toner. Old school, baby! I keep photos and tidbits that make me happy pinned on the wall. Including photos of my pets and kiddos, a shampoo bottle from France and various and sundry quotes I love.

Here’s me, so happy to be in the studio working! I’m wearing my French studio hat. Very silly, but it keeps my hair out of my eyes, all I need now is a scarf a la Isadora Duncan and I’m all set.

And of course, the helpers. The one requirement for helpers under 18″ tall is that they are black and white. One cat: Sweetpea; one rat terrier, Nellie; two shi h tzu’s, Mish and Moosh. The cast changes according to who wants to hang out at any given time. They have their own door, toys and beds-can you say spoiled?

Today the studio class was Do What You Love Most. Three of the gal pals wanted to make more garden ornaments. I think we are thinking of them like spring voodoo, our offerings to the weather gods to please hurry up and bring springtime our way. This is part of the saltshaker stash. The perfect basis for fun garden hangers.

This is a batch of finished garden hangers. Lots of them can be seen at Mr. T. put up overhead metal lines for me last year, very handy to hang stuff on and get it out of the way. I love all the things he does to keep me happy.

The two Lindas and the one Carolee totally focused on their projects. Linda O. discovered what a monster buffer can do to put a shine on poly clay. She also learned if you don’t hang on tight the piece becomes a missile and flies across the room. A lesson we’ve all learned at one time or another, startling but no harm, no foul.

Another shot of the studio students from my fuzzy camera. We had so much fun today, much better than a tea party!

Jaime bundled up in a work apron and a big fat old sweatshirt to stay warm while she worked at the glass station grinding her glass for a mosaic. I don’t think she noticed we were missing she was having so much fun out there in the damp all by herself. The mosaic/glass area is covered so she didn’t drown in the downpour and she accomplished a ton. Every girl needs a great glass grinder!

In April we will be making crazy funny pull toys of wood and dealing with power tools. I can’t wait! I always list classes on my gallery site and new students are always welcome. $25 for a two hour class and supplies and tool use are included unless otherwise indicated.

Join us for better than a tea party. If you have friends and want to do a class together, let me know. Choose a time that works and as Larry the Cable Guy says, “We’ll get ‘er done!”

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