Rabbit Off the Rails

Sometimes I just need to let the pictures tell the story….

I looked around my yard for signs of spring. The pink camellia by my front door is always first to signal winter may be ending.

On my hunt for spring, the studio staff kept me company. How handy. Black and white cat and dog. This means no matter what color you wear you have hair of the opposite color on your clothes.

Before I buckle down, I always have to salute my Friend Wesley, now mounted on a Yellow Tang horse. He's holding my favorite button. It says I'm a kitty cat, dance, dance, dance.

Last week was CRAZY, I had to sort my newly acquired shaker horde and then I had the great pleasure of cranking out fun garden ornaments. This is one tiny box, there is also a BIG box, a medium box and a tray of shakers.

This is my work table, I'm multi tasking. There's a metal fish, 3 chalkware pinecones, a goofy bird and a parrot. hmmm...which one to do first?

A shot of the wreckage, my studio looks like an explosion in a housewares factory. Luckily, it cleans up fast. Thanks to efficient storage and my trusty label maker!

I have been doing some research into the history of the adorable plaster shakers I found. I think the corks were stuck in them in the 30’s and never removed. I had to drill most of the corks out! Chalkware is basically molded and painted plaster of paris. It was used as carnival prizes from about 1904 to the early 60’s when plastic took its place in the hierarchy of cheapitudionous rewards. Some of the little figures are adorable, goofy birds and fish, pine cones, you name it, they made it. I did put two good coats of Krylon Triple Glaze on them but still, these are not meant for going outside to live, just fun to have in a window or hanging a lamp or plant indoors.

These are chalkware, too adorable for words.

Time to paint! Finally, website done, shakers done, time to hit the easel. This is the studio set up for painting. That's my working sketch in the foreground with the two helpers underfoot of course.


I has paint, oh boy, does I has paint! The calendar is an old Matisse calendar, I love it and use it for inspiration. I seem to have absorbed his color palettes somewhere along the way.

Or maybe not...I use a Winsor/Newton Sta-wet palette and its getting a little on the grungy side. Here it is midway through the painting.

"My Pool", Bad Attitude Dog on recycled plywood, with collage elements, the beach towel and the house windows are old cut paper. Ready to dry, get a coat of varnish and have a frame built. Next up: My bed. BAD dog takes over the bed.

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