O lord…Monday again

Here it is, Monday again. Worked all weekend on art stuff. Fabric weird dolls, felted creatures, even took a flying leap at some digital imaging manipulation. I did give myself a mental break with a trip to the nursery. It may not be Spring quite yet, everything is mucky brown and gray still and only shoots are poking out of the dirt to show where they will be staking a claim in the next month or so.

The notable exception is my stunning early, early clematis which is covered in buds and beginning to show white flowers. I long for a warm day with sunshine to coax the intoxicating fragrance out of the opened flowers.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, I splurged and blew $60 on plants that have COLOR in them. Ranuculus that look like upside down can-can skirts, primroses that come in such amazing Mexican colors and frilled pansies. Who knew? These are wondrous, regular pansies with a permanent wave. The poodles of the pansy world. I love them  all, and it was a treat to pass them in their cardboard box sitting on the deck in the rain this morning.

After slugging down my coffee, I trekked out to the studio and just that filip of color added a zip to my morning. But now, its time to focus on getting out the nice, dry, tight words that fit a bid going to nice, tight, dry people who will be deciding between their suitors based on just these words. Deadllines loom and I continue to hunt for balance.

4 thoughts on “O lord…Monday again

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