Still no venue, but I'm going the don't let the buzzards get you down route.
I'm focused again after a few days of self-indulgent wallowing. Doesn't everyone need to wallow once in a while? I'm just not making a habit of it.
So what did I do to cure the wallows? Dragged out several of my art books and refreshed my mind and eyes by looking at great work, Chagall, Van Gogh, Emily Carr, the Art Book–which is simply 500 full color plates in alphabetical order of assorted eye candy. I finished the piece with the French Siamese cat and got some closure on that. Its really BIG and I'm now officially out of wall space in my little house.

One of my next tasks is to build some more upright storage for canvases in my studio because I'm not going to stop painting. I also finished a logo for friends in Utah and had to draw, draw, draw to complete that. I have been drawing in every spare minute and each drawing gets looser and better as my brain and hands connect.

I finished a piece of jewelry, happy Valentine's day, it is a heart bracelet and I love the new pattern I created so there are more to come. Something to do while you watch TV with the family to keep the brain from losing its art edge.

I found the Wild Poetry Forum and sent some of my pieces of writing their to meet other artists who write. The feedback was amazing, uplifting and right on. I cannot wait to go back and re-edit the pieces and post them again.

So here's the thing. You can fall down 7 times as long as you get up 8.

Cat of pluovongen

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