I have fallen down the poetry side of the rabbit hole. I stumbled on Wild Poetry Forum and its a wonderful thing. I have never been able to separate the acts of making art in to tidy sections like painting, writing, metal smithing, etc. For me it all gets wonderfully smooshed together and one piece slops over into the other and shares what it knows. Some of my paintings have writing in them and some of my photos are about writing and some of my writing is about Seeing and of course, painting. Its all in how you train the brain.
Anyone can learn to paint and draw, really, I can train anyone to draw if they have the patience to practice. Its about learning to see and getting your brain and hand and eyes to work in concert. The new book "Outlier" talks about one of the components of success and it really is the 10,000 hours you spend practicing.
The talent comes in in how you can visualize a thing and take it to the next level, seeing the relationship, the color, making visual poetry. A painting is just a poem with no words. The artist/author's job is to give you the message in a magical way that leaps verbal synapses and rings you like a bell in that aha moment. That's what I cannot teach, that piece of magic that some people are given to express in their work. Its like the difference between a nice workmanlike photo on a calendar and something like Ansel Adams shot of El Capitan.

I only hope sometimes I can connect with my own fire, my own magic and let the universe move through me by photography, writing painting, gardening.

Never forget life really is art and sometimes its the only art you've got.

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