Back in the Saddle Again…

Oh alright, back in the studio again…I spent yesterday and Saturday doing outdoorsy things because I live in Washington and the SUN was out. Incredibly warm, somewhat windy but lovely all the same. The gardens have been signalling to me desperately as I stroll past and I finally got to work and pulled out a freight car of weeds from about half of the beds.

The kiwis are popping into leaf and its already time to get in there and fight them to a standstill. For those who know the small-fruited kiwi bush/plant/tree, the thing is beautiful but it will strangle anything it can scramble over, this includes power lines, my beautiful copper beech, other trees, the neighbor's fence and slowing moving cats. When I'm bored I just go prune the kiwis, a fast cure for the doldrums and it lets me take out my ire on something stronger than me.

Son Joel and g-daughter Cam were down from Seattle on Friday night, thoroughly enjoyed a Jamie Oliver-style stir fry before Joel toddled off to his party and we settled down to making eclairs. Yummy. Sunday, the sun was still out, I put the top down on the Mini Cooper and we made a quick pilgrimage to Good Will for salt shakers. I am in throes of an  obsession with green garden art and I am having a lot of fun with salt shaker garden hangers.


Amazing how hard it is to find really quirky salt and paper shakers. There are so many really blah ones out there. I found a set of watermelon shakers that fit the bill nicely and they will be joining the garden brethren on my website in the Green Rabbit division shortly. Chickenhanger
I scrounged up some nice copper pieces for jewelry too and even found a most excellent old floor lamp that will soon see new life. There was even time to get home and hop on the motorcycles for a quick spin to blow out the cobwebs before the day ended.

Today is back in the studio with lots of wonderful bits and pieces waiting for me. I'm starting on about a hundred, really, old jars that are becoming outdoor candleholders with wire bales and decorations. Fun and they will be so affordable for everyone. I'm excited! Best of all although its cloudy today the week promises to get sunnier and more springlike every single day until the weekend.

Photo expedition on Friday to the tulip fields with wonderful weather for the day.

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