Impressed With Myself But Not the Weather

Here it is May and it feels like winter! Yuck, yesterday was windy, cold and spitting rain. Late in the day the sun came out while it was raining, rainbow weather. Sure enough we caught an exquisite double bow. I had to stop and get out of the car and just stare for a minute. Bows are so ephemeral, it always surprises me to see that ribbon in the sky.

Working on new rings, clever me. I have old, old, old newspaper clip art from the 20's and 30's I've clung to fo ryears. It works wonderfully to mount under glass domes and make cocktail rings that are just plain fun. I finally finished the gorgeous necklace, Breathe, made of old wood scrabble tiles, repurposed gemstones, no clue what they are except pretty, and bronze natural elements.


I am also pretty impressed me with me because one of my recent poems made the International Poetry Board Competiton for May. I can't separate art and writing so that is a very good thing.

today's efforts will include some soldering and getting started on a new Peasant Fusion necklace. I love that phrase, my stuff is not quite steam punk, too romantic but it does have some of that Victorian technological strangeness in the necklaces I'm designing now. Autumn left and went to a new home last week and it requires bold new earrings. Yay!

Next? something with rainbows perhaps? Arc de ciel. Love it.

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