Rabbit Readjusts the World

After I finished the household cleaning frenzy, I forced myself to finish the big painting (30X40 is huge) that was at the eternal 98% done. Its hard when I lose my forward momentum to go back and finish. The trip to Oregon derailed my train but, potentially the break was good because I was able to look with less passion and a colder eye at what Dog Days needed to finish it. Its drying now, finally, so it can be varnished and then hopefully get sold soon.


I'm in the middle of a metalsmithing class and I am insanely happy about it. I am absolutely cranked up to try all kinds of new things. I've started making notes and drawings in my sketchbook already and phase two of the frenzy was to attack the studio and do a heavy duty rearrangement of it so I could set up a really good work area for metalsmithing. That would be work in silver, copper and brass which I am looking forward to combining with my found objects and kicking it to the next level.

Of course, with a HUGE project looming, the Christmas Forest tree and the decor of said tree I am feeling a bit stressed over all things artful.  More on the tree next time, its a pretty big deal and panic will set in very soon, but I do think the metalsmithing class will be an enormous help in the very near future with  mastery of some new tools and technicques.

So here I am schizophrenic again, painting-which I love. Necklaces and jewelry building, which I also love, metal work and glass and then photography. I picked up a new little printer for the studio. INK JET! This means I can actually do what are called "transfers" and put them on stuff. The big Epson is in the house and doing its photo duty as needed. So much to do so little time.

Full time artist means a 60 hour or more week but its all good working for me. Means I can fit naps in too (wink wink). The studio is almost re-finished with room now for a pickle pot, used to remove firescale, space to use two torches and not burn down me or the studio and a bench block is forthcoming.

 No more cleaning for awhile I hope.  Except that winter is coming and the garden will need to be dismantled soon. I'm ignoring it and hoping we get indian summer instead of the current horribly soggy depressing weather.

I think I need a nap…

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