Rabbit is Resistant


I am feeling so downed by the endless gray skies. It feels like its been raining forever. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for 30 years and I know the gray is coming. I just didn't except it so early. I have come to count on indian summer into October to carry me through the first two gray months. Most peculiarly this year it has rained and rained and rained. We don't usually get endless drenching rains, here in Washington we get sullen skies and the expectation of rain. Last week it was hot and wet which is really odd, but now the weather has degraded to first-of-fall chill. I actually had the heater on yesterday, both in the house and the studio.  

You would think it would drive happily straight into the studio but no, its making me want to curl up with a book and a blanket and bad movies on teevee. I am having to absolutely flog myself to get to work on a huge pile of projects. The scariest one is the Christmas tree for the Christmas Forest which is a huge fundraiser for Providence St Peter Hospital folks. I got tapped very late to take on a tree which is sponsored by another Christmas Forest virgin, they don't know anymore than I do. Yes, I can certainly decorate a Christmas tree but this one is going to get auctioned to the highest bidder. Some of the trees go for thousands and thousands of dollars and the terror is mine will be woefully short of the mark.

I understand there is an expectation that I will run out and pound on doors to get presents to put under the the but let me tell you, the sheer size of the project and the fact that I'm feeling my way down the path  is going to keep me from knocking on merchant's doors. I'm an artist not a fund raiser. The group sponsoring the tree has a mission this year of providing clean water so I'm trying really hard to figure out how to mix in the idea of water with my theme of a Green Green Tree. I am creating repurposed ornaments for the most part. A couple of hundred of them by the time I'm done. I am so hoping my colleagues at Matter will jump on board and donate some ornaments or things to put under the tree before its auctioned.  I need to get time to paint three or four small canvases or at least do a big metal piece, but the looming deadline has me out of my comfort zone.

I'm using a lot of tiny old glass single serving creamers I found in Montana a few years ago, I knew I bought those things for a reason–and with a $385 budget to pull off this whole thing, I can use all the help I can get from my stash. I am planning to fill them with glitter and a Christmas picture like tiny snow globes.

That's a start, and then there is the jewelry that is positively singing to me from down the room. Two new pieces are waiting for me: Rhiannon and Gwennlaise, just need to get my mojo up and hit it.

I know I'm depressed because I got a new printer that will let me do transfers and I haven't already done 50 of them!

And there is the painting for the city that requires 80 pounds of paperwork to compete. That whole mess is looming as well the want to get another three animal portrait piece done. This one is long owed and needs to be done.

So, enough to do and like my Ozark granny always said, "You can only unravel a complication by starting at the end of the string."  Time to find the end of the string.

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  1. Hed

    Wow, you sound like you have more things on your plate then when you worked and had work on your plate! I’m fairly basic, so when I think of water I think of the many different colors of the ocean. Yeah, that’s my input. Looking forward to 984 pictures of all of your finished and in progress works 🙂


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