Rabbit Reports: Goodwill and Guns

Schlepping around my local Goodwill in an upscale end of town where we have very few gangstas, and those are mostly wannabes, I was interested to hear the following nuggets while I perused the salt shake collection. "Oh child, since the Incident he carrying alla time. You know, sawed off shotgun, AK47, two pistols", this overheard from a loud large lady wearing a bluetooth headset and too many braids. I would have loved to know what the hell she was driving so I could call the cops.


Creepy Goodwillclown with a Robert Simmons Pottery dog which I acquired. Not the clown, just the dog!

I mean really, this lady's relative is rolling around Olympia, Washington, a medium-sized town with a carload of GUNS! And she is so Joe Cool over it. I'm sorry sweetie, in my little old lady world, you don't have to worry about pulling up at a stop sign and getting your head blown off if you smile wrong.

I know I'm not paranoid because I didn't follow her and I didn't call the cops. I'm just hoping her moronic family will follow the self-cleaning oven rule and just shoot each other. What makes this so chilling is this was the MOTHER of the tribe talking about many large guns like they were bags of clothes from the mall!

So here's the thing, am I an apathetic slob because I listened in to her broadcast phone convo and didn't do anything? Am I out of touch for minding my own biz?

I'm not sure what I think from a moral standpoint except that I must be both shallow and focused because I spotted 3 crystal saltshakers I needed for a project in the next row and completely forgot about the harpy two aisles over.

And I thought clown dolls in Goodwill were the creepiest entertainment!

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