Rabbit is Christmas Crazy and its not even Halloween!

Whew, the Christmas Tree Forest tree ornaments are under way big time. I think I'm up to around 70 finished and 30 more in some stage of on the way. I haven't even had time to go pound tin flat to cut out or cut glass or mirrors, or, or, or.  Terry put up two strong wire clothes lines for me and both of them are full. I'm out of space now so I'm going to have to carefully roll up all that glittery stuff in tissue after I take inventory and pack them up so I'll be ready for the next group waiting in the wings.

ornament clothes line

This project is accomplishing three things at the very least: Number one, its a fantastic fund raiser to bring money in to pay healthcare for those in our community who can't afford it. Number two, its getting rid of all kinds of crap I've had stashed in corners forever ( I always knew that stuff would be useful someday no matter what my family said) and number three, its reminding me I do have some mad skillz in a lot of different areas. I think I'm using them all right now too.


Today I dug all of the porcelain tea cups out of the fountain, long story, washed them and glued each cup and saucer together with trusty E600 glue. I am turning them into bird nests, I found Aspen excelsior to use for the nest part, sustainable of course and I am going to break down and buy plastic eggs today. Hey, I just don't have time to make everything. One is complete except for the eggs, very cute and will add a nice touch.


I have been on the watch for silver spoons forever, and sacrificed my stash to the tree. Terry drilled holes in them and I polished all the tarnish off and bent them. Next I'll put tiny nests in the bowls add a bird and a bow and presto hanging silver nests.


Polished and bent, ready to become nests

I have the tops on a bunch of the bottles and all they need is ribbon and trim, but when I look over at how many more are waiting, its daunting. I'm dying to stop and work on a painting but my prostestant guilt is keeping my nose to the grindstone. 

3 bottles, one empty, one ready to solder and one ready to finish off. Each one takes about an hour by the time they are all done. I'll have Some 70 bottles and salt shakers by the time I'm done.

Ewww! This black wire turns my hands black!

Its worth when they are finished, this one is really pretty

All the pretty ornaments in a row!

And if you really want to see something impressive, check out this garland that is 17 feet long and made of bottle caps by one of the Matter Gallery artists for the tree. 


I'm an artist and I'm always filled with self doubt, that's the down side and probably why my stuff is at such a high level of craft. I never stop pushing to do better, be better and create beautiful things. I hope that the tree is a success. I have trepidation sometimes, especially when I think of the people just going out and buying stuff that fits a theme and building a tree. They are so beautiful when they get done and my tree is going to be different in that its "green", its all repurposed, used cast offs that I have given new life. I do so hope people get the message that we don't have to just go buy the newest thing. I love giving grace to someething that's already in the world.

Okay, enough philosophy for the moment…of to find eggs for my nests.

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