Rabbit likes Mine–a lot

Don't know why I love this silly painting so much. It just strikes a chord with me. I love the dog's attitude. I have been drawing Black dog for a while now. He is worldly and detached, sure of himself and above it all. He's a snobby watcher I think. I almost called this ransom note. Its done on an old thin sheet of metal that has a page of newspaper printed on it. I'm not sure what its original use was but I wanted to play with it. The newspaper is showing through from the plate and the piece in the dogs mouth is cut out and applied.


I had to tack the metal to the board, tape the edges, gesso it and then use gel medium before painting it in acrylic and finishing with a fat coat of matte gel medium. Way too much work, next time I'll use the metal as cutouts and go straight to painting on the wood. It will be interesting to see how this weathers. It will be varnished and its been matte gelled already. The whole thing is about 14" square.

I think it harks back to some of my earlier less sophisticated, less 'worked' work. Now, I have the Jones to want to do MORE! And since there is no shortage of wood around here….

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