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The Rabbit Thinks Pink for a Great Cause

September has become the lodestone for so many things in my life.  It’s odd that events seem to come to along and just stick in September.  Of course we all had the shared national tragedy of 9/11, but I’ve had a few personal chickens come home to roost in September too.

Faye took this picture on a hike in the Cascades last year. The squirrel was after their food! They hike. I stay home and eat bon bons while reading a trashy novel.

September matters to my friend  Faye Barnes too, because that’s when the Susan G Komen 3 day walk takes place.

Every single time I have needed her, she’s been there. Words aren’t enough, so I’m making “thanks”, and like throwing a rock in a pond, the ripples from this thanks could spread with some help.

Artist and photographer Faye in an alley getting the perfect shot during the Lavender MG run this spring.

The back story: Faye is the one I called when I got the word about Terry. She dropped everything, took time off from work and drove to Montana with me the same day, non-stop, and stayed for two weeks. She kept me sane and she helped me stay focused. When it was time to go home, she flew back to Montana and drove my car back to Olympia when I got on the plane with Terry. She is Terry’s favorite hiking partner to this day and she is a big part of my extended family for many reasons.

Long ago at St Martin's with the gurls. From left to right: Jen, Kathy, Sally, Linda, Faye and me. A lonngg time ago!

Faye was always my partner in getting things done at Saint Martin’s College. We were always tapped to throw huge fun parties for no budget at school events, Benedictine Catholic universities=no money. We have had so much fun together doing things from those parties, to my wedding,  to our own annual burn piles, and our annual pilgrimage to cut Christmas trees.



As artists, we can make the same thing with the same materials and because we are so different so is the thing that emerges.

I am in awe of this woman who does the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk. That’s 60 miles! She did her  first one three years ago and signed up for the second one before it was over.

A month after her first walk she was diagnosed with breast cancer herself. “I was in the right place at the right time. I believe the Lord put me there so that I could meet and share the stories of these amazing women and breast cancer survivors. It gave me hope and got me through.”  Three months after her final radiation treatment, a weak but determined Faye completed her second Walk. And as usual, she signed up for number 3 before number 2 was over!

Three months after finishing chemo and radiation, Faye's hair is coming back!

I asked what it was like this year and she said, “This year I had a different perspective, it was about celebration and helping others as a team.”

This year's team celebrating the Susan G Komen 3 day in Seattle, Faye is second from left, all smiles too.

This is where I come in and you readers too. I have just designed some very pretty pink themed jewelry. THINK PINK in honor of Faye and the legion of breast cancer fighters she walks to support. Every dime of anything I design and sell that is pink from now until next year’s Susan G. Komen 3 day will go to Faye’s fund raising efforts. To participate, every walker has to personally raise $2,300.00. They all say its worth it and they’d do it if it cost twice as much.

Pink Tibet available now!

The Walk in Seattle this past weekend raised 5.3 million dollars for breast cancer research.Every significant advance in research for the past 29 years has been affected by a Komen grant, which is pretty cool.  456,600 women die every year from breast cancer worldwide and we are all working to stem that tide.

Cool, swingy blingy Swarovski and PINK crystal earrings.

I am hoping to sell a lot of pink jewelry this year to say my own special thanks to Faye for all she has done for me. Anything she fundraises goes right to the Susan G. Komen  foundation, so anything you purchase helps, like that rock dropped in a pond, ripples, spreading to eliminate this awful disease.

Footnote: I do this to honor Verna Snow, too. Verna was my sons’ amazing grandmother, and I loved her dearly. She had a double mastecomy and went on to live many more years cancer-free and if something I can do help more women, even better!

So: every penny from THINK PINK goes to Faye Barnes and the Susan G Komen foundation. Visit the very affordable Think Pink collection  is on my Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/RunningRabbitStudio and on my website, (same price, two venues) http://runningrabbitgallery.com/#/gallery/15/0. This is the direct link to the gallery inside my website.

I hope you can help and enjoy a little pink in your life too.





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