Lost Childhoods Series: King Neptune’s Lost Childhood

The latest in the Lost Childhood series is finally finished. This is the first piece in this series that didn’t practically make itself, but I am really pleased with the final result of weeks of hunting bits and pieces and figuring it all out.

This series  of “doll boxes” examines anthropomorphic icons we all recognize, Uncle Sam, Father Time, Mother Nature, the Man in the Moon, Betty Crocker, Death, Lady Luck, etc.

I wanted to take a look at something no one thinks of regarding these icons: their childhoods. What if? The pieces are all meant to be touched, turned, looked at, opened and shut. They are mystery boxes that define what I imagine them to be, I love these pieces because they reflect that we are each our own mystery boxes and paradoxes.

The back of the piece with collaged and painted kelp seahorses and a mermaid, primarily found objects

Side view, that's a little cigarette case that now holds a Jimi Hendrix quote, "Even castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually."

Cabinet side with a photo of Neptune's sister and brother (in mythology he did have a few of these)

Detail of the drawer fronts

The first drawer has an image of Neptune as a baby in the classic naked baby pose. A rattle made of a glass starfish and the words his crib was the fragile sea complete the drawer.

This drawer has hotel key with the words, key to the sea on it, and a key that says unlock the sea's secrets and some spending money in the shape of a sand dollar.

Every kid loves stories, the one in the scroll is "How the sea became salt." The drawer is finished with a shell, sand and a salt shaker.


side view of Neptune's head and his crown, shell epaulets and jeweled ears.

On one side he holds a fish on the other fish bones, the circle of life. Shells hold family photos.

He wears a crown of fish and crystals and handmade strung necklaces in sea colors with a sunset medallion in the front and a blue starburst on his forehead. The top of his crown is a giant fish.

A final shot of the whole front.

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