Rabbit Goes the Long Way Home

Strange view of the Space Needle in Seattle, buried behind buildings, get us outta here!

In Western Washington we have ONE north-south freeway, Interstate 5. As more and more people discover Washington is wonderful and most of them decide to travel one human to a car, the freeway is more and more like something Hieronymous Bosch would dream up. In other words a grotesque trip to hell and back any time of day or night.

Terry behind the wheel looking for the exit to the big city.

My son Tor lives and works in Seattle so occaisonally I am forced to partake of the nightmare and scurry north if I want to see him. July 31st, a Sunday, we had another reason to go north,  celebrating our friends’ recent wedding. Jamie and Brian own the amazing Hunger Restaurant in the Fremont district and that is also where Tor works, a twofer: party and see the kid.

You would think leaving at 2:45 p.m. to be someplace an hour away on a Sunday would have been enough time. Nope. We got there at 5:30 after another Bosch debacle on the freeway. Stop and go all the way, mostly stop.

Under a freeway bridge on the way out of town.

I was happy to arrive in one piece and grab a glass of ice cold Sauvignon Blanc wine and slug it down, at which point I gave Terry the keys to the Mini. We enjoyed the party for and hour or so, and knowing the traffic would be heinous going home, made our farewells and headed back south. Ugh.



The bridge was up which slowed us down, time to decide to do it differently!

We started home by heading across the Fremont bridge which was up to let a boat pass. How cool was that?  We had to turn off the engine and wait at which point we decided it was a beautiful drop top evening and we weren’t going to waste it. We got our  jackets and hats out of the trunk and togged up, dropped the top and prepared to go home the backest way possible.

Struggling up and down the freeway its easy to forget we are bordered to the West by water from Seattle to Olympia. If you are married to a biker who has explored every back road in the state, count your blessings. This means you can wend your way along the water and enjoy the drive instead of wanting to get out of the car and smack some idiot upside the head with a bowling pin. I-phones are wonderful things and they take some strange pix from a moving car but I think these pretty much capture the spirit of the evening drive.

Down the hill to Redondo, Washington Redondo Beach, strange. I grew up the Cali version.


We nipped off  the interstate in Burien, a little ways south of the big city and headed for a more leisurely waterside drive through Redondo, which looks like a Southern Cali beach town with houses on the hills and people strolling on the boardwalk. The water is so close a wave splashed two girls as they walked in the sunshine.

Redondo Beach as we flew past in the car




We left Redondo and drove through Brown’s Point and then headed over to Commencement Bay as it runs through Tacoma and on to Dupont and Steilacoom.



The new Tacoma Narrows Bridges full of folks coming home from the weekend. Nice to see it in the distance only.









BIG SHIPS at the Port of Tacoma. So odd to see them docked in what feels like downtown.

The USS Norwalk and a bunch of boxcars in Tacoma

This looks so strange, just bobbing in the water next to the road.







It took two hours to get home but we were sooo relaxed when we got here after a gorgeous drive. I love Washington. We have English weather and August sunshine, which means we can have drives like this one and lots more because summer finally got here!

I phone self portrait, love my hands show on my glasses holding the camera, sort of full circle oddness.

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