Life in the Garden, Heucheras Make Me Happy


Smashing new petunia this year, pinstripe, so purple its almost black

Three warm  days pulled me out the front door and into the sunshine. I’m beat from gardening but happy. I love spring in my garden, I could spend endless days just poking and puttering. When I was a brownie scout we used to sing a song that went, “White Coral bells along upon a slender stalk, lily of the valley line my garden walk. Oh, don’t you wish that you could hear them ring, that will only happen when the fairies sing.”

Okay, first problem. Lily of the Valley or Coral Bells? Coral bells luckily are not hardly ever white and who cares about their flowers. Its the leaves that make us collectors crazy to acquire each new one that shows up. I started the day by planting my new pet petunia, Pin stripe. Purple black and yellow striped. How cool is this?

Another shot of the purple petunia.

I had my Canon A3000 in one hand and a trowel in the other. Morning light is wonderful and saturated, showing off the Heucheras in the Rabbit garden. They have lovely names, Snow Angel, Berry Smoothie, Lime Rickey, Georgia Peach, Creme Brulee and Obsidian.

One day at a time, my mantra

Of course I had to get a shot of my favorite gardent thing. I remind myself to take it easy every time I see it. That’s the new pink climbing hydrangea in the background heading northward to the trellis which is made from an old bed frame.

Sparkling Burgundy Heuchera

Somewhere along the line I seem to have let go of most flowers, except for purple and blue, and decided to chase striking foliage. I have Hostas and Heucheras in my gardens and they definitely fill the color bill. Okay, I have a bazillion statues of rabbits hiding, my collection of suns and I definitely have a thing for blue bottles. Color is probably not an issue.

Blue bottles, a girl can't have enough

Snow Angel, so pretty and so unusual with its pink and white leaves

I gave myself three new stunners for my birthday, Berry Smoothie, Fire Chief and Obsidian. I went to get Obsidian but I couldn’t resist the other two!

Sparkling Burgundy Heuchera

Berry Smoothie, what leaves!

Berry Smoothie, has raspberry colored leaves!

I am so drawn to these plants, I have a list, I want Beaujolais, Frosted Violet and Sashay next.  The green ones are a great contrast to the purples and oranges.

Lime Rickey, what a great name

Obsidian, so close to black its beautiful. I've lusting after this for months.

I have Citronelle, Key Lime Pie and Lime Rickey in the green family. I hope more are coming. The greens are so bright they don’t even look real.

Citronelle, and that's the corner of Midnight Rose showing on the right.

Creme Brulee, what a warm yummy color, I'm angling for its cousin Caramel too.

Midnight rose is pretty amazingly two toned too.

I love this color, it just glows

This is Fire Chief, with a fireman husband, how could I resist?

Firechief has some firey color, I can't wait to watch it get bigger

the tiny pond in my rabbit garden, its the Chickadees favorite watering hole year round

The rabbit garden

Sitting on my green bench this morning, drinking tea and enjoying the morning this was the view. The columbines are ready to pop in their can can skirt glory, the early clematis is covered with buds and everything is just bursting with new growth. Tomorrow, I’m moving on sharing the hostas and my amazing colorful trees, and the ones that are not colorful are very odd indeed. Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, how’s that for a name?  Photographed in my garden, May 20th, 2011

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