Rabbit Returns from Santa Cruz

What I saw this morning when I woke up

Everyone is glad I’m home. Nellie wanted to be closer so she jammed herself into the Shi Tzu’s bed to greet me first thing this morning. I arrived back in Olympia last night just as it got dark. I’m always surprised when I go somewhere else, in this case Santa Cruz, CA, that it gets dark so much earlier there than here. One of the beautiful things about the Pacifc Northwest is our long evenings as summer approaches.

Chaminade Conference Center complete with deer

I think summer is at least sneaking up on little wet feet. It rained buckets in Santa Cruz and it is sunny and glorious here, either that or the world is ending…wait, that’s not supposed to be until May 21st according to the latest crackpots. I’m not happy, the idiot bell boy broke my beautiful French suitcase which I will unpack shortly and give it to Terry to McGyer back into working order. He’s good at that sort of thing which I appreciate. His fixes are tidier than mine for sure.

My Stargazer lily bouquet gift from Tor is still blooming on the coffee table which improves my mood by quite a lot. No rain helps too. Sunny and gorgeous outside. It rained all through the conference. I got to do two presentations on campus based lending, I won’t go into details because eyes immediately glaze over if someone isn’t in that field. I do like a nice captive audience.

Stargazer Stunner

Chaminade Spa and Resort had dreadful rugs, really ugly pseudo modern geometrics that made the stairs hard to see, but they are granted a reprieve because of the food. Not a rubber chicken in sight, great grub and I’m sure we all gained weight. Every time I turned around there were more snacks, breaks with treats and amazing buffet meals. I suppose if you are trapped indoors with ugly rugs and heavy rain outdoors, they try to feed you into submission, it worked.

I only got a chance to take a few pictures. God bless Iphones. Chaminade is on a hilltop and used to be a mission style boy’s school back in the day. Beautiful remote grounds requiring a shuttle to get from your room to the main building, crazy. At the bottom of the hill is a cemetery in which I spotted an ANGEL. Anyone who knows me knows cemetery angels are on my top ten list of things to photograph. Denise pulled in, I hoppped out and voila.

I caught this amazing shot. Today’s tip: If you have an Iphone, get the photo app called Instagram. Love it for effects. Lots of folks like Hipstamatic. I have both and much prefer Instagram.

We saw five fairly nasty accidents on the highway between Santa Cruz and I-5, San Jose. Three involved police cars. What is up with that? Obviously, Californians have no clue about driving in the rain on curvy roads, even the cops. Slow down people.

Got to the airport, got dropped off and sat down to wait out the three hours to my flight home. Entertainment was provided by the birds who called the airport home. Starlings. Indoors. Strange….I was amused and I’m still wondering how they got into this autstere, very painted white, spacious airport.

San Jose airport starlings. They kept me amused for two hours, my own teeny tiny twilight zone.

I have taken a tour of the garden and marveled at the changes in just two days.This is my favorite time of the year and it will be hard to leave the garden to the family while I take off on my epic journey with Flamingo Pam. Barista Barbie is ready to go and Pam and I are still arguing about who has to crank the battery free lantern for four minutes to get an hour of light. Barista Barbie has been to France, all over the USA in my pocket, she has her own blog actually, and now she gets to set out on a two week trip with new places to see and be seen.

Barbie, shedding a little light on the subject

http://barbiebarista.blogspot.com/2006/01/beach-pix.html This is a link to Barbie’s old blog which I hope never goes away because the archives from France are there, I just can’t remember the password! So Barbie has a new blog,http://barbiebaristaworld.blogspot.com/ which contains the story of last year’s Mini trip to Oregon through the eyes of Barbie Barbie Barista. It will shortly contain this year’s epic adventure too.  This could be fun.

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