Daily Archives: April 20, 2011

Rabbit is bored…

After finishing a major piece there is always an hour or day or so of letdown, a now what moment? I mean, its not like I don’t have twenty-leven other things lined up and waiting. Necklace pieces all sorted and waiting, a bracelet in pieces begging to be put together, construction of a sort of excellent display rack for the garden ornaments, two more paintings, Neptune is in pieces on the work table, and then there’s the whole other THING, the garden. Its whining at me with a rather green voice to get my ass out there and get busy.

I really should get out the chain saw and hack the kiwi vines aka northwestern kudzu, into shape before they eat the neighbors cats and all the squirrels, I really should go weed another bed or at least scrape up what I’ve already weeded. My adorable hubs is so good at trailing around and picking up my clippings and weedings. I have finally convinced him to stay the hell out of the flower beds if he wants to avoid being stabbed with pruning shears. He does however, cheerfully tidy up my leavings, bless his heart.

But here is what I am going to do. I am going to get out of my jammies and into human clothes and go to Good Will and hunt and gather for more parts. Betty Crocker still needs a body and so does Uncle Sam. Its not shopping, I hate shopping, its HUNTING. I love hunting and I love doing a victory dance and drooling over my Stuff as I organize it.

The Stopper Stash. My current obsession is glass stoppers. Somewhere there are a lot of broken bottles and I love the mystery of their tops. The Mexican animals I have been gathering for 15 years all over the country and the world.

My wonderful daughter-in-law Erica asked me if I knew everything I had and where it was. Yes. I make enormous messes when I work but I know where everything is. Okay, most of the time, 90% of the time, and if you ever see my studio you will realize that is one of God’s little miracles. The new pieces are certainly helping me reduce my Crap Stash. This is good because now I can find more Crap to replace it.

I just found a wonderful book called Artmaking, Collections and Obsessions. Its all about artists like ME, who create mixed-media work and are passionate about collecting. We do draw the line clearly between hoarding and collecting. I have family members who are hoarders and that creeps me out! I do a great job at throwing crap in the garbage, not everything has potential, people. Sometimes its just garbage and you need to lose it.

I think my next task of choice will be to photograph the irresistible trinket collection and get them up on Running Rabbit inexpensively. I’ve put in a couple of pix of my personal trinket stashes. Sometimes I find objects of true adorableness that are not meant for meĀ and my goal is to send them back into the world to be appreciated at a killer price. I really do love repurposing and reloving and rediscovering things. If it came from China or Japan 40 years ago, cool. If it came from China through WalMart 40 days ago, I don’t want it in my life. Don’t get me started on what I think about WalMart, that’s a whole other essay…

The Cat Stash. I cannot resist a good cat statue. I do however, have an excellent cabinet to keep my tschotskes in one place. I am happy to report Torin has asked for and received the animal mask collection and big bro Joel wants the cats. I'm still adding to the stash, but these are his...eventually.

And after I go hunting and gathering and buy a new cord for my beloved Iphone so I can listen to music in both cars without dragging the connecting cord around, I will come home and mow the lawn. I promise lawn, I am coming and we will both be happier after you get a haircut.

And: I’m Listening to Elizabeth and the Catapault and Ellie Gould. Excellent choices if you are looking for new music that is upbeat and wondrous.