Monthly Archives: June 2010

Goodbye for Momcat

This morning I brushed you.

spring shedding well under way

clumps of white clogging the brush

like always.

I brought you a bowl of cold water

held it while you drank,

it took you twenty minutes

you were so tired

you rested between laps.

You liked your food today,

Licked all the gravy off carefully

too tired to finish.

You laid down on the step

in your sun patch to nap.

This afternoon I knew it was time.

We had to wait at the vets

they gave you a soft blanket to rest on,

you put your head down and tried to sleep

but I saw your ears twitch

taking in alien sounds.

I held you and told you I loved you

as the light went out of your eyes.

It was so fast

but missing you will be so slow.

Requiem for Momcat, aged 15