Daily Archives: May 10, 2010

May I?

Yes, my favorite month has arrived. I love May, well past the sulky dribbles of April with its diva attitude: I'm April, its Spring and I'm HERE. Okay fine, stop raining on me, get rid of the last frost and don't be such a tease with the sunshine. May, is robust and warm at heart, lilacs, irises, rhododendron's and the first hint of summer to come. Picture a sigh of content here. (sigh…)

Today weather is raining gently, not too much, which is fine because I spent the weekend in the garden- planting, seeding, weeding, feeding, pruning. Good thing I'm an artist because my nails and hands already resemble raccoon paws, no harm no foul. I had a chance to hang a few of the new garden danglers and admire them in the sunshine before they depart for new homes. I unpacked mine from last summer and clipped them to the big umbrella which now looks bejeweled, a lovely sight indeed.

Today is a paper day, the lot of the working artist. We have to earn those coveted studio days with paper days where we sift through the bills, the orders, catch up on the world out there and generally keep our hands clean for a day.  The birds are singing the sun is trying to creep out, and I'm afraid so am I….