Monthly Archives: January 2010

I have fallen down the poetry side of the rabbit hole. I stumbled on Wild Poetry Forum and its a wonderful thing. I have never been able to separate the acts of making art in to tidy sections like painting, writing, metal smithing, etc. For me it all gets wonderfully smooshed together and one piece slops over into the other and shares what it knows. Some of my paintings have writing in them and some of my photos are about writing and some of my writing is about Seeing and of course, painting. Its all in how you train the brain.
Anyone can learn to paint and draw, really, I can train anyone to draw if they have the patience to practice. Its about learning to see and getting your brain and hand and eyes to work in concert. The new book "Outlier" talks about one of the components of success and it really is the 10,000 hours you spend practicing.
The talent comes in in how you can visualize a thing and take it to the next level, seeing the relationship, the color, making visual poetry. A painting is just a poem with no words. The artist/author's job is to give you the message in a magical way that leaps verbal synapses and rings you like a bell in that aha moment. That's what I cannot teach, that piece of magic that some people are given to express in their work. Its like the difference between a nice workmanlike photo on a calendar and something like Ansel Adams shot of El Capitan.

I only hope sometimes I can connect with my own fire, my own magic and let the universe move through me by photography, writing painting, gardening.

Never forget life really is art and sometimes its the only art you've got.

Still no venue, but I'm going the don't let the buzzards get you down route.
I'm focused again after a few days of self-indulgent wallowing. Doesn't everyone need to wallow once in a while? I'm just not making a habit of it.
So what did I do to cure the wallows? Dragged out several of my art books and refreshed my mind and eyes by looking at great work, Chagall, Van Gogh, Emily Carr, the Art Book–which is simply 500 full color plates in alphabetical order of assorted eye candy. I finished the piece with the French Siamese cat and got some closure on that. Its really BIG and I'm now officially out of wall space in my little house.

One of my next tasks is to build some more upright storage for canvases in my studio because I'm not going to stop painting. I also finished a logo for friends in Utah and had to draw, draw, draw to complete that. I have been drawing in every spare minute and each drawing gets looser and better as my brain and hands connect.

I finished a piece of jewelry, happy Valentine's day, it is a heart bracelet and I love the new pattern I created so there are more to come. Something to do while you watch TV with the family to keep the brain from losing its art edge.

I found the Wild Poetry Forum and sent some of my pieces of writing their to meet other artists who write. The feedback was amazing, uplifting and right on. I cannot wait to go back and re-edit the pieces and post them again.

So here's the thing. You can fall down 7 times as long as you get up 8.

Cat of pluovongen

I'm feeling really down and depressed today. I'm doing what I'm pretty sure is the best work of my life and I can't score a cheesy store for a one day event. Most of the work downtown for the annual art event gets points for trying really hard but and I appreciate the fact that beginners can actually experience a show. That being said, I sound like a snob but I'm not, I've paid my dues for years and I really want to show this new stuff in a decent venue. I guess I'm just out of the loop these days. Trying to find an agent and gallery representation are the stuff nightmares are made of. Its easy to get discouraged, like I am today.

Painting today, 30 X 40 inch canvas, a big canvas can be daunting. I tend to work really fast so coping with something that big is outside my comfort zone. This may be a good thing. I've been staring at the impressonists and their use of light and just suggestion for an object. It can be hard to let go of being compelled to put every vein in every leaf and work loosely.

Is it going to be a huge blob or is it going to light up and take off? Tor chose this one from a photograph of Pluogovonen in Brittany. A chestnut tree with a cat and a big hedge. Wonder if I can pull it off?

Got a piece of my ghost town glass done today. Sometimes finding matching beads and findings that look right is more than half the battle. I think I strung, unstrung and restrung this piece about four times before I was happy with it. I'm still eyeing it askance to see if I need to disassemble it yet again.

I polished off the Fall Flowers piece too. I love this piece with its side closure and its tumble of flowers and butterflies all in shades of bronze and golds.

Rabbit is Frustrated

So much work to do. Work that I love and want to do, which is why I'm both confused and frustrated at my seeming stall in forward momentum. Do other artists run into this? I'm looking at about six projects, sneaking up on them, and then deciding hibernation sounds better. Is it because its gray, mushy, wet January?

Does anyone else feel like they are in slow motion? I sit at the bookstore and read books and get excited about possiblities and then fizzzzzzzzz….fizzle out. I think I need to chain my ankle to my worktable and stay there until SOMETHING gets finished.