Daily Archives: July 13, 2009

Texas Hill Country, Austin is more than Music…

Sometimes being a conference speaker is fun. This time I got to go back to Austin where the family has deep roots. Austin on a Sunday morning is a wonderful place to wander with a camera.


Not many tourists, the bars are closed and the bands are resting up for the next session of living up to their reputation. The Sunday scenery made me smile and I got to escape before the heat hit.

The Museum of the Weird was no weirder than this note saying this is not the museum of the weird on the door next door.

And then there is the town of Oatmeal, Texas. Their only function appears to be the Labor Day Oatmeal festival!

Hill country ranch house

I do love the hill county houses.

This one was empty and abandoned, decaying gently in the spring sunshine.Museumofweird