Monthly Archives: May 2008

Birthday for the Mad Rabbit

I was driving yesterday, taking the Mini to get its annual check up, and thinking as I am wont to do when I’m driving. I observed it is almost my 60th (retch) birthday and I’m not happy about getting older. There is no such thing as aging gracefully. "Age appropriate" is repulsive on either of the spectrum–teen age or my age, necessary but appropriate.

I concede that there comes a time on either end of that specturm to embrace or give up mini skirts and shiny eye make up and really high heels and at the far end of the ‘appropriate’ specturm I turned loose of those manifestations of my culture with grace and gratitude.

But, to circle back to my red convertible, as one of those who in the past snickered at ‘mature’ ‘oldsters’ driving really nice convertibles and cars I have to say I have rethunk my position. I think my previous disdain was 3/4 jealousy–I would have looked fabulous in a convertible at 30 or 40! Why not me? Why didn’t I have the money and leisure? Well… four sons and a house would answer that question pretty fast. I have come to the conclusion that old dudes in Corvettes have them because they can–and when you get up in the morning you still feel the same inside, looking in the mirror is the shocker.

Where did I get those crows feet and the smile lines around my mouth? How did I start to get spots on my hands and when did my eyebrows lose their mind and join my gray roots?  Yes, I have all those things and more that I don’t even want to think about, but I also still have a keen zest for what’s around the next corner. I still love to drive fast and well and I can. My Mini Cooper convertible is probably a truer manifestation of who I am inside that anything else I currently own.

It makes me smile to drive it and it stops the clock and maybe turns it backwards for awhile when I head out on a road trip. I feel better and younger and happier in my car–and unless the guy in the Corvette has a blonde 30 years younger than he is in there with him, he’s my compadre on the road of life, literally. If he has the girl friend trophy wife thing going on, he’s so damned boring I’m not interested in talking to him anyway–she’s the male version of a mini skirt, fish nets and too much make up. 

Happy birthday to me, I made it this far. When I’m rolling down the road  smile and wave when you see me, and know someday you’ll get your red convetible too.

May Days

2_red_chairs_2 I am so glad that spring seems to be here– finally. Washington State springs usually land full-blown about mid-April. Not this year, spring seems to be coy this year. One day  sunshine and heady flower scented breezes and the next its gray again, spitting a mist of rain on the greening flower beds.

This past weekend I dragged everyone and everything out of the greenhouse. The scented geraniums all got a major pruning and bolstering of their fragrant egos I’m sure. They are in residence around the portable pond on my mosaiced ‘deck’.

Note to self: pieces of china and tiles will spall and give off chips when they freeze and thaw again and again through a cold winter so don’t make another 9’X6′ mosaic deck covered with broken tiles and china bits.

The orchids are still inside the greenhouse until the temperature climbs to the 70s and stays there. I found all the pond pumps and put two of them to use already. I bought two new pumps and here’s an irritation–neither of the brand new ones works right! Arg. I have to return them to Home Depot and go through that hassle. How aggravating is that?

The pond in front got all the reeds and plants clipped of dead bits of grass and now it looks beautiful again. Next to the pond, my beautiful, beautiful copper beech suddenly sprouted delicate new leaves overnight. I love that plant that is going to be a magnificent tree someday. It is absolutely magical. One day it is covered with sere, tan leaves and it looks dead. The next, the new leaves pop out of their buds and drop the leaves from fall. It goes through a series of colors too. Starting in pale pink like folded fans and as time goes on the leaves turn the color of a new penny.

The jays are glad I hooked up the pump in the pond, they love splashing around in the stone bowl that is at the top of the small waterfall. I found a plastic duck decoy at Good Will and added a mallard to my pond. Since my sanctuary is a Magic Place, the duck looks at home.

I’m still out nipping and pruning and clipping and shaping but I can see the spring is on the way, like a green express train. I’m waiting to be run over by the season in the middle of May and I’m staying on the tracks until it happens!