Surpassing Cuteness

That's MY tail you tiny twerp!

This last Sunday I got to meet my friend Tone’s new family members. Freckles is a rescue kitty who turns out to be an excellent mouser and Tuxedo is a tiny ball of kitty energy who already rules the roost. Tone’s shih tzu Bella is my Mushka’s sister and her 4 pound Bella Donna is my 8 pounder’s sister. Complicated familial stuff here.

I am Queen Bella and I wantz nothing to do with these kittehs and dogz.

We moved to the deck to enjoy the dlate afternoon sunbreaks and the herd traveled with us. Photo op! I love taking pix of cats and dogs and Freckles is about to make his debut as the ‘bad cat’ in the new ‘bad dog’ painting which will be called ‘My Toy’.  He’s perfect for the part, just enough attitude and very mellow when he’s not busy patrolling.

Freckles, "I has attitudes and I am the mightee hunter kitteh".

Tuxedo, Mr. Four Ounces of Purring Curiousity, he just got 'fixed' so she's stuck in the cone of shame for four more days.

Brother and Sister, same litter, Moose and Mini

I gives my sissy big sloppy kisses

Too cute sitting with entwined tails, Mish and Bella Donna


Freckles in the distance on patrol fascinates these two.


Misha wonders, " What exactly you is? You don't smell like nothing I ever met."


"Just to make sure, I gonna check both endz."


Freckles explains that its his tail and Tuxedo cops attitude, Belladonna wonders what will happen next!


I bored with that fat orange kitteh, I climb you now.

What that kitteh doing now?

Where dat orange kitteh go? He unner da porch!

We all playz til I passes out in my kitteh mommy's arms, Ize purring.

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