Rabbit Falls For Flowers

I sort of accidentally had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My sons are grown and gone.  Three of the four are nicely married to wonderful women wh0 are the moms to my grandchildren, understandably the boys were focused on theirs wives and kids. The baby, who will be nineteen tomorrow, lives in Seattle now and as luck would have it we were able to bring him back to Olympia for his days off. I wallowed in his company because I miss him lots. Still.

Pink hydrangea, why can't they stay this way forever?

Terry asked me what I wanted to do. After coffee and a leisurely hour reading a trashy novel I elected to go to Molbaks nursery in Woodinville. Molbaks is the holy grail of nurseries with plants I covet. A lot. I bought one plant, a climbing hydrangea. I was a good girl for once. However, I did unleash my little Canon camera. I frolicked and shot and drooled and coveted and had a wonderful time.

Now this one looks French, Norman blue even


This one is my favorite

Of coure, I love the roses too. This one is perfect

This rose looks like it fell out of a fairy tale

This is a peony! Its yellow, amazing and smelled like heaven

I like daisies too, especially these sweet South African ones

They come in all shades of purple, yellow and white, even orange and they last until the first really hard frost. Gotta love flowers like tha.

I like Calla Lilies too. They come in pink and yellow now, much prettier than the white ones.

So sophisticated! Pink callas are my favorites, although I like the black ones too.

My favorite shot of the whole day. It looks like its made of wrapping paper.


And then we came to the orcids. Pin stripes, who knew?

This one is fierce looking, it catches insects.

The most girly girly flower in the world. Orchids.

The throat of this orchid looks like white silk or skin, it makes you want to touch it.

And this one has a painted throat!

These will grow like weeds or wildflowers if they get sown early. So delicate!


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