Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

Businessman’s Bounce, Really

It’s been a long week, hours slaving away in front of a glowing screen building a new art gallery website as one chore and more hours doing research and writing up a new Power Point for a presentation on student loans and bankruptcy for a webinar I’m doing at the end of March. Yes, back in the campus based lending game to some extent, 30 years experience is still good for something, but art is absolutely now on the front burner, about damned time too.

 I have no idea how I managed to get such a nice evenly divided brain that may even have a partition between  the right and left lobes. I am grateful though, because that focus lets me really hone in on two tasks and not get too distracted, ooh, shiny thing…

What was I saying? Oh, I know, subdivided lobes and all that. Its been a week without art making or much color except for the colorful language I tend to launch when I crash a large chunk of whatever I’m working on. Today I escaped! My saler buddy Lynn W. called and we headed for points south and west into the rurality of it all on the hunt for cool junk.

Best Record I've ever seen that encapsulates an era. Love her dress, the martini glass, the little hat, but why a wine bucket and a martini glass....hmmm...

I found this record album in a place called Garage Sale Maniacs in a town called Shelton. Shelton is a small logging town, trying to reinvent itself, but it seems to be like putting lipstick on a pig to some extent. You can dress it up but you can still tell its a pig. Garage Sale Maniacs is a storefront in the downtown area where the owners drag in stuff from garage sales and estate sales and spread it around this big empty store. You dig out what you want, carry it up front and the delightful owners tell you what they want for your stash of trash. I found some fine bits and pieces today. An ancient and gorgeous lock from a door, a metal cigar box, excellent buttons for jewelry making and a few vinyl record albums.

I am estatic. I’m ready to chuck the record and  just frame the jacket, front and back. It is too perfect for words. Click on it to make it BIG so you can read the whole text.

The liner notes capture the era of Eisenhower, station wagons, 2 kids and a collie dog--and the drunken louse of a salesman father out seducing the out of town chick. Perfect, welcome to 1958

The Businessman’s Bounce. The back of the record is absolutely hysterically funny. “Music for the expense account set. This is music for the tired businessman who isn’t so tired once he gets a young and pretty out of town buyer in his arms. This is music you might hear at El Morocco, the Pump Room, or the St Francis-tea dance music that features much dancing and absolutely no tea at all.”

I am in love with this 1958 hi-fidelity dinosaur. The out of town buyer on the cover is gorgeous and her dress is as cool now as it was then. I hereby share this jewel with you.

Happy Friday! More later about the 50 amazing salt shakers I found at a rummage sale and Lynn’s delightfully kitschy Last Supper paint by number purchase. I am liking all the tidbits I’m finding so much I’m going to put a gallery on my website called Rabbit’s Fun Finds where these pieces of  found fabulousity can be purchased inexpensively, because as Snoopy said, “Fun isn’t fun until you share it!”