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TBI Billings, Saturday Afternoon, September 23, 2006

Happier Days, our ride to Sturgis. Terry on the left, Don Bowman in the middle and fellow fire fighter Bill Matney on the right. Bill and Bev loaned us their motorhome in November when we transported Terry to Bakersfield.

Saturday afternoon in Billings. The sun is out and its clear and cool  today, it feels like autumn is here. Terry is sound asleep and snoring away, his sitter went to lunch so I’m using this cool hospital laptop on wheels in the room. An old John Wayne western is on T.V. and Terry is snoozing away, asleep on his back with his feet up and draped over the rails.

I climbed in bed with him earlier to snuggle and he propped himself up on me which was sweet and it felt like Terry for a change. Today has been a little better. He was talking nonsense at one time about Thurston County, semi loopy, things like this come out of nowhere. He is not talking much but occasionally he comes up with something lucid. I’m not giving up and I understand how much he hurts, I’m hoping maybe it’s partly the drugs. 

Terry in September of 2006, a week after the accident, these pictures still make me so sad

We are in a regular ward now with a regular staff. I met the day nurse, Katherine, and she is very cool and funny and wears chic glasses studded with rhinestones. Misty is his minder and she seems to be very competent and sweetly nice.

I cannot believe how much he changed after the accident. This doesn't even look like Terry.

Now that Terry is out of the ICU it’s time for Corey to head home today, a break in the weather encouraged him to take off–and his family needs him more than I do. I know his kids are really missing him. He got the most adorable pair of real cowboy boots that are pink for his little daughter Amanda and I’m sure she will be sleeping in them!

December 2006, Toy Run. Corey on his bike with son Alex. A photo of Terry is on the back of Corey's bike. We rode for Terry that year because he couldn't. Amanda is on the right in her pink cowboy boots holding mommy's hand.

To complicate life more, the hospital lost a box Terry’s son Shane sent me from home. It had all the bills and the mail in it. Things I desperately needed to get and to pay and deal with. It came here, priority mail, but after a hair pulling fit I found out, finally, the idiots in the mail room sent it back to Olympia. Today the hospital gave me a $20 certificate to use at the gift store for their serious lapse in service. I invested it in a soft blue shawl to add to my shawl collection. I hate sweaters but I love shawls, I’m either an artist or an old granny. Please God, let me be an artist….

So today is so far so good. Again, its one day at a time. I’ve been here too long because I am starting to be able to find my way around the hospital and not get hopelessly lost at every turn. They have a wonderful art collection on all the walls in the corridors so I’m using their art as landmarks –works for me.
 Terry is resting comfortably for the first time for a prolonged period of time. He’s not talking much but he’s not flopping all over the bed. We have stable minders here that I trust, so tomorrow, I’m taking a mental health day and in the afternoon driving out to Red Lodge to take some pictures–I think I just need a few hours to sit somewhere that is not a hospital and give thanks.