Monthly Archives: August 2010

Art is Life, or maybe its just looking for life?

The life of an artist is crazy busy I have discovered, its not all fun stuff either. I have spent most of the last week photographing my work to get it up on Running Rabbit and Etsy. Heavens, who knew photographing jewelry could be so difficult? Choose the right background, edit, crop, resize, color correct and then remember where you stashed the photos!

After they get finished and sorted, the pieces get tidied up and packed in their Running Rabbit boxes for storage until they sell–and now the real fun begins, working on the "electronic store". Uploading the pix is the easy part I'm starting to think. What to write about my work? It's hard to walk that fine line between bragging and selling. Will anyone like this stuff? Will any of it sell? Will I starve to death?

Starving is probably not an option given that I'm currently chubby and missing some meals would a good thing in my case. That doesn't change the worry part for an artist who is fat, thin, or in between—the worries about getting out there in the world are always the same. How do we balance the time spent on making and marketing? I'll let you know when I find out.